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A Creative Life is a Journey

Do you have a secret wish to express that buried talent, but don’t quite believe that you can do it, or have what it takes?



Are you a Blocked creative who knows what your unique creative talents are, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to use them, or get started on the project?


Is something stopping you from taking action on ideas?



Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you have a a hidden, latent talent that you just haven’t discovered or recognised yet?



Do you simply yearn to live a more creative kind of life, wish you were creative, but believe you’re not?


Guess what..?  You ARE!! 




Following an in-depth pre-consultation,

Creative Life Journey’s

intensive 13 week Creativity Reboot programs

are tailored to you and your unique creative dreams, idiosyncratic working needs and life perspectives;

delivering weekly individual Creative Reboot sessions designed just for you, that incorporate personal counselling with creativity reclamation work; utilising Julia Cameron's 12 week Artist's Way creative recovery tasks and a final graduation session, which, so combined, have a powerful effect on helping you recognise, uncover, reclaim and reboot your inner Creative Self: the one that your inner child knows is within. 


Receive your very own copy of The "Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, upon graduation!

In-person or Online sessions available

(in-person currently only available within Tasmania)

Read on to discover more about how a Creative Reboot can help you achieve your dreams with more resilience...

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The creative journey can, at times, feel like a lonely road. Sometimes you love your work, other times you feel ashamed of it, devalue it, feel stagnant and uninspired; having lost the point and value of the reason you create in the first place. Have you tried giving yourself license to suck at a new medium? We all suck at new things at first, but to succeed, one must first suck until you suck a little less, and, in no time at all, you’re suddenly pretty good! 

With supportive counselling mentorship and guidance as you open yourself up to your creative self, you can find ways to express that hidden inner self that you yearn to share with the outer world. I can help you find your feet as you recognise the "Artist" within and to own the title.


Attain more creative resilience and process-management skills to navigate your creative flights, so you stay the course and reach your destination and beyond! 

Whether you’re a secret techie with app ideas, a secret Singer with a dream, a Songwriter with unformed hits, a Seamstress with design ideas, an Actor, a budding Entrepreneur with business ideas, a Producer, an Inventor, a Musician, a Writer, a Dancer, a budding Chef, a Gardener, a blocked Creative, or, simply wanting a more enriched life and perspective: Knowing and believing that you are Creative is the key; combined with an grounded acceptance and understanding of your process, time management, and, an embracement of the inner learning and enrichment that a creative life journey brings...


Your personalised, individual Creativity Reboot program will get you and your projects on track faster and with more resilience

Nicole McIntyre,

Your Creativity Recovery Consultant

As former backing vocalist in Savage Garden's world tours;
I truly understand the highs and lows of the “fame paradigm”


My educational background is grounded in the creative and performing arts, coaching, and therapy

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Bachelor of Songwriting from UTAS Conservatorium of Music

  • Finalising Masters of Music Therapy with Melbourne Uni.

  • Vocal Coach 20+ years,

  • Professional Vocalist 30+ years

  • Music Released:
    * 2 albums of original Folk/Manouche music with Tasmanian band "Guerrilla Zingari" 

    * 2 Solo originals albums. 

    * Currently writing a new solo album of originals and have 
    a jazz album in the pipeline

  • I recently designed and produced a Song writing board game: "Roll a Hit!"

  • I am a trained Actor for Stage, Improvisational and Physical Theatre

  • Trained in Graphic Design and Web design

  • I dabble in stop-motion Animation

  • and, I am writing a trilogy of historical novels


I’ve been on my creative journey, by conscious choice, for over 25 years. I have had some amazing successes and some frustrating failures, and from it all I have found that it truly isn’t about either of those things...


The creative journey is a life choice, a lifestyle. It’s about feeding your curiosity; a way of viewing the world, that enriches the inner consciousness; allowing the richness of life’s experiences to shine through you; through your eyes, the way speak, move, create,  perform, and, everything you do and the way you do it. 


I’d love to share with you the many skills I have acquired as a productive "Creative" over my own 30+ year journey thus far

With supportive counselling, mentorship and guidance as you open yourself up to your Creative Self; you can find healthier ways to reach and express those hidden inner depths of Self that you yearn to share with the outer world. I can help you find your feet as you recognise, better understand and accept the "Artist" within as you come to own the title.


You will learn to better navigate and manage your creative flights


Employing the insights and tasks from the “Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron many years ago; helped unlock me as a creative. It guided me to embrace the "Artist" within, that I always suspected was there.

However, I did this process one my own, with no support and it was difficult.

I, like many other Creatives have also attested; stalled a few times out of fear, giving up on the journey at a certain same week, 3 times in row before I finally pushed through, on my own, on my 4th attempt.

As a pleasing result; I ended up writing some of the best songs I had written to that date, and which are still some of my favourites in my own body of work.


Julia Cameron's series of "Artist's Way" books are best sellers; with powerful a 12 week creativity recovery process involving psychotherapeutic creative tasks aimed at recovering and reclaiming your Creative Self through emotional re-evaluation, shadow work, and healing; through creative release work and reflective tasks .


I have found that it is much healthier, and more stabilising to the process, and more productive; to have an experienced, supportive mentor bringing a depth of experiential understanding and counsel, to guide you whilst you spread your creative wings and fly. Be it for the first time, or, if you’re a blocked or returning creative stretching your wings after a long hiatus, or looking to reclaim your inner child's creative life perspective, as your Creativity Reboot consultant, mentor and guide I offer insightful encouragement, empathetic, sensitive and empowering counsel and experienced creative support; as you delve into your process and challenge the ‘Black Dog’ that keeps you believing you can’t, that you’re not creative, not good enough, how dare you? etc.


I offer unbiased, non-judgemental feedback, emotional counsel and encouragement  with fun, gently challenging weekly reflexive and creative tasks to help you explore, release, embrace, accept and reveal your creative depths, and talents.

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Creativity Reboot Programs

Design your creative process; Design your Life